Season 1: Original Divas

What's Poppin'?

We take whatever's happening in pop culture today, and give it a Seattle Twist!

-Hosted by Alexandria

"The Duchess"

Tell Me Your Drama

The Divas listen to your drama and give you their best advice- from one Diva to another!

-Hosted by Sarah

"The Chantress"

Loaded Question

As a community of women, we really try to get to the bottom of these deep rooted questions!

-Hosted by Andi

"The Sultress"

90's FLASH

There's nothing like a 90's flashback!  These Divas reminisce on all sorts!

-Hosted by

"All Divas"

The Duchess
The Sultress
The Chantress
The Dutchess
The Sultress
The Chantress
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